Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Simple as 3.14151617

You might be wondering what the heck’s wrong with me, why am I writing in English?! Well the answer is quite simple. Recently I find it easier to THINK in English, YES, THINK! Often I find myself THINKING in English and then translating my thoughts to Romanian for the persons I’m talking to. I know my English is not that great, and that it lacks practice, but what better way to practice it but this? Its easier to think in English, though when I start talking the freakin language I always have the feeling I’m mumbling and stumbling, though my interlocutors always get the message.


Ah well, until I can think of something better to post I’ll leave you with an English adapted version of an e-mail I received this days! Hope you enjoy! J


How do you define courage?
Fighting a bull(torro) in the arena?
Driving a F1 car?
Piloting a F14?
Extreme sky-diving ?
Bungee Jumping above the Nill?
Gambling your wage for a month on one card?
Insulting Remi Boniaski?

Insulting your boss?

Participating in the Dakar race with an old Volkswagen Beattle?

All of those are nothing…  

This is COURAGE: